It is a platform created by the European Commission, which is available to consumers and entrepreneurs, based on EU Regulation No 524/2013 on Online Litigation in Consumer Matters, which allows to submit complaints about products or services purchased online and to find a neutral third party ("dispute resolution body") which processes them.

If you have a claim about the online purchase you have made, but you do not want to go to court, you may be able to reach an out-of-court settlement by resolving online litigation.

If you have a claim on a purchase, instead of going to court you can opt for alternative litigation. All procedures that allow a complaint to be dealt with without having to go to trial are called "alternative dispute resolution". They usually involve the intervention of a third party acting as neutral intermediary between the consumer and the company against which the claim is filed. Depending on the case, the intermediary may propose a solution, impose a solution on the parties or bring them together to reach a friendly settlement. Alternative dispute resolution (also called "mediation", "conciliation", "arbitration", etc.) is usually cheaper, simpler and faster than going to court.

Consumers wishing to receive further information or to initiate a dispute resolution procedure can access Through this link you can find a dispute resolution body to help reach an agreement between consumer and entrepreneur.