José Manuel Somoza Sieira (Noia, La Coruña) 1965.

I came to the south of Tenerife in 1988. The beginnings were not easy; I suppose they are not easy for anyone. Although I am Spanish, I was in a region very far from mine and also with different customs. However, I adapted myself to the idiosyncrasy of my new home quickly.

After having several jobs in the hotel industry, I started with the fashion sale; Especially women's clothing. Tenerife is a showcase of different cultures; I noticed that there were other people who also exhibited and sold their products in simple fashion shows but with good results. I think this was something possible because of the privileged climate of the island and because of the open mentality of the multicultural audience that witnessed the parades.

In 1991, along with a boy named Juan José Santos R.I.P. (as partners), we started a company called Ocean Canarias, which ended up being in Tenerife Fashion. After separating our roads laboriously, I was traveling a lot and on my return to this land, was born BeFUNKY FASHION. This company makes me happy because we have experienced a significant growth. We started six and a half years ago and we only were three people.

BeFUNKY FASHION is dedicated to fashion shows and to the sell of clothes at the most renowned hotels in Tenerife and I think it's time to launch our first online store, in this world which is so competitive. From the Island of Tenerife, we will try to pave our own path in the international fashion sector, with beachwear and accessories.

Pay attention.